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Why Choose LifeSource Direct for Life Insurance?


  • Why choose LifeSource Direct to help me obtain life insurance?
  • How is LifeSource Direct unique?
  • What sets LifeSource Direct apart from other online insurance agencies?
  • Will my agent or another website offer cheaper rates?
  • How do I know my carrier is a financially sound company?

1. Why choose LifeSource Direct to help me obtain life insurance?

Through our fulfillment center, we can process applications for up to 150 different life insurance companies. We are not affiliated to any particular life insurance company; our goal is to match you with an insurance company that meets your needs and offers a policy within your budget. By allowing us to assist you in this process, you can be assured that you are obtaining the best price for the right life insurance product available in your state from the insurers we represent without any high-pressure sales tactics.

2. How is LifeSource Direct unique?

LifeSource Direct is committed to helping you obtain the life insurance you need on your terms. Our customer service professionals help you to prepare the application over the phone and the medical exam department coordinates with an examination company so that you can complete your application and medical examination at one time, with minimal hassle. Once your application is in the insurance company’s hands, a team follows your case until an underwriter makes a decision. After a policy is issued, the payment processing department works with you to ensure that all requirements are received and your coverage is active.

3. Will my agent or another website offer cheaper rates?

It’s highly unlikely that your independent agent, or another online quote service, will be able to beat the rates you will find at LifeSource Direct. We work with the top insurance providers in the nation. Other firms work with many of the same companies and are likely to provide you with the same quotes we will offer.

Buying life insurance is not simply a matter of price. The cheapest policy is not necessarily the best policy. Finding the best value should be your primary concern. In other words, you want a policy that is not only affordable, but also offers you the features you need, and is underwritten by a financially sound carrier. Most important of all, you want the guidance that our experienced team can provide as you make the important decision about which policy to purchase. We’ve helped thousands of customers get the most for their money, and we’re ready to do the same for you to help you protect the ones you love.

4. How do I know my carrier is a financially sound company?

There are thousands of life insurance companies in business today willing to sell you a policy. But how many will still be around if you need to make a claim? Only the most financially secure carriers receive a rating of A, A+, or A++ by A.M. Best, the premier insurance company rating firm. And all of the insurers we represent have an A.M. Best Rating of A or higher. Feel free to ask a LifeSource Direct representative for financial profiles of the companies whose policies you are considering purchasing. There is nothing more important than having the utmost confidence in the company that you will entrust with your family’s long-term financial security.

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