LifeSource Direct Pledge

The LifeSource Direct Pledge:

“At LifeSource Direct we will strive to deliver a personalized and caring experience to provide you with the best life insurance at a competitive rate.”

We pledge to:

  • Take care of everything: With the clients input, a licensed agent will help complete the life insurance application, arrange a medical exam at no cost to the client, and procure anything else need to underwrite your case. We oversee the process from start to finish.
  • Keep things simple and easy: You can reach our licensed agents and staff by toll free phone or the internet.
  • Provide the best product: We represent the most competitive, highly rated insurance companies in the industry.
  • Minimize hassle and stress: There won’t be any sales pressure. We are here to provide you with the best options and information to help you make a good decision about your life insurance needs.

LifeSource Direct is all about helping you purchase life insurance at a competitive rate with an easy,  simple, and personalized process.

Company Background

Mountain Financial Group, Inc. was founded as a nationwide insurance brokerage agency in 1996. With over 50 years experience in the insurance industry, they went on to form a separate company called LifeSource Direct. Between the Principals alone there is more than 70 years experience in the life insurance industry and over 50 years experience in the tech industry. LifeSource Direct was formed to create a dynamic, state of the art, direct sales life insurance company which also offers a full range of discount programs including prescription, lab and imaging, dental, and other related heath plans. Incorporating the latest cutting edge technology with one of the best consumer support staffs in the industry assures a simple and easy process for purchasing life insurance as well as a broad range of discount programs.

Get the Best Term Life Insurance Quotes Online!

Buying from a term life insurance company can be confusing, complicated, time consuming and dare we say, frustrating. It shouldn’t be, and that’s why LifeSoure Direct is here.

LifeSource Direct works with thousands of people every year to find them the right term life insurance quote online at the right price. We do it with the latest technology to research thousands of policies, and we do it with attention to detail and conscientious customer service that make the purchase process efficient, flexible and user-friendly.

Our unique approach in the insurance business is an opportunity to help others lay a foundation of financial security by protecting the ones they love. And, in a way that makes it easier for you.

Let the professionals at LifeSource Direct show you what it means to buy from a term life insurance company on your terms. To get started, please fill out our free quote request form, or call us at 1-866-340-4748.

We look forward to serving you.

License Information:

LifeSource Direct and or Todd Ruplinger or Keith Clark are licensed in all states except South Dakota and Hawaii. Agent numbers are listed below as required by state law.

State License #
AR 372000
MN 40212849
GA 155502
CT 2356842
WI 2557276
TN 2010187
KY 729977
NC 1000088526
ID 341299
WA 761730
LA 523622
NE YR394831
NM 100006654
CO 352684
DC 28828763
MS 15015743
NH 2070562
NJ 1284656
OR 821136
UT 345091
MD NPF100044089
OK 10012331
IL none
PA 579619
WV 100107348
MO 8051824
AK 87768
CA 0H00492
IN 711413
ND 2000003400
WY 201992
TX 1656515
AL 458233
DE 1113866
VT 702595
ME AGN178865
IA 1002051094
NV 706798
AZ 970012
FL W010927
MI 92500
SC 176144
SD 10012329
VA 128653
KS 272106657000
OH 42234

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