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Get an RX Drug Discount Card from Employee Benefit Design and LifeSource Direct with no cost or obligation.

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The LifeSource Direct Prescription Discount Card

The LifeSource Direct Prescription Discount Card is an easy way to help you and your family with all your prescription drug needs. Instantly receive average savings of up to 65% on drug prices through our nationwide network of over 50,000 pharmacies, including major chains and community pharmacies. Your actual savings may vary depending on the medication and the pharmacy you use.

Drug Discount Card Plus Lab and Imaging Features:

To Use at Participating Pharmacies:

  • Take your prescription to a participating pharmacy. All brand name and generic drugs are included.
  • One card automatically covers all family members at no cost.
  • Show your card to the pharmacist every time you fill a prescription not covered by your insurance or excluded from Medicare Part D.
  • Discounts are given at the time of purchase. Pay the entire cost of the drug, once discount is applied. There is no need to submit receipts.

Find a Pharmacy or Check Prices

Please visit the website links below to find a participating pharmacy near you and check the estimated cost of a drug.


To Enroll in the Mail Order Pharmacy:

  • Call Member Services at 888 479 2000 (prompt 5) to enroll in our convenient mail order program (service provided by WellDyneRx).
  • We guarantee quality assurance using our 7-point test on every prescription before mailing.
  • Standard shipping is free.

To Use Imaging Discount Benefit

Call 1-800-903-3921and we will locate a testing center near you (service provided by PrePaid Imaging). All necessary paperwork will be emailed to you for your convenience. Simply take the paper work to the imaging center near you and have your test(s) performed. It’s that easy!

To Use Lab Discount Benefit

Direct-to-consumer blood tests. We provide a convenient, confidential, and affordable way for consumers to take control of their health care costs. Call 1-800-903-3921 (Service provided by PrePaid Labs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this insurance or an insurance type program?

A: No, this is not insurance.

Q: Is there a monthly fee or a registration fee for this program?

A: No.

Q: How soon can I use my card to start saving money?

A: Your card is available for use immediately.

Q: Are all of my family members covered?

A: Yes, your card is valid for all family members.

Q: Is my information kept private?

A: Yes, WellDyneRx is HIPAA compliant.

Q: Do I need to present my card each time I buy a prescription?

A: Yes, present your card every time you buy a prescription not covered by your insurance or Medicare Part D.

Present this card and your prescription to any participating pharmacy to receive your discount. At the time of purchase, you are responsible for paying the entire cost of the drug, once discount is applied. Pharmacist Help Desk: 888-886-5822 This card is not a guarantee of benefits. This program is VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. This is not insurance.

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