Valentine’s Day 2016 By The Numbers

Valentine’s Day 2016 By The Numbers

Valentine’s Day is the third largest consumer holiday in the United States by amount spent. We spend $19.7 billion in Cupid’s name each year coming in just behind the $21.2 billion spent on Mother’s Day and the $630.5 billion we devote to the winter holidays. There’s no denying St. Valentine’s impact on our nation’s economy.

To help people embrace Valentine’s Day loving feeling in a manner that’s safe for their wallets, the following infographic showcases participation rates, spending trends and other fascinating tidbits about this romantic day. Here are some highlights:

  • $19.7 Bil: Total Valentine’s Day spending projected for 2016.
  • $146.84: Average amount that Valentine’s Day revelers will spend in 2016.
  • 53%: Of women say they would break up with their significant other if they got nothing for Valentine’s Day.
  • 14 Mil: Proposals are made on Valentine’s Day.

Best & Worst Cities For Valentine’s Day 2016

  Best Cities:   Worst Cities:
  1 San Francisco, CA   96 Newark, NJ
  2 Scottsdale, AZ   97 San Bernardino, CA
  3 Honolulu, HI   98 Cleveland, OH
  4 Orlando, FL   99 Detroit, MI
  5 Seattle, WA   100 Hialeah, FL

How Does Flower and Candy Spending Rank? See Below.

valentines day spending statistics

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