Insure Your Love – A Cinemagraph Picture Journey of What We Love


What we love is often representative of the picture we take.  Here’s a photo journey of some of the best cinemagraph pictures we found on the web that represent what we love and protect.

Many of these images are credit to Ann Street Studio .  Other are from a variety of sources on the web.  We claim no credit here.  They are great pictures of what we value most.


View below to see more.

cinemagraph-fashion holidays-cinemagraph whiskey-cinemagraph boy-and-girl-kissing-cinemagraph ChelseaCallPinwheelCinemagraph Cinemagraph_4 cinemagraphs-1[5] cinemagraphs-5[5] cinemagraphs-19[8] coco-projector-429 nina-429

And my favorite cinemagraph:wizard_of_oz_cinemagraphs_by_hyguy87-d4kw140


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