The Online Game Changer – Buying Life Insurance Online vs the Old Way

For decades, life insurance was purchased in person or over the phone from a licensed insurance agent. It was the only way to secure coverage, seeing as how the Internet had not yet been invented. Today, technology has evolved, making online trade and commerce an everyday occurrence for most households. You can now pay your bills online and manage your financial accounts, so it only makes sense that you can now purchase your life insurance on the Internet too.

Why Purchase Life Insurance Online?

Insure Your LovePurchasing life insurance on the Internet is much easier and often more affordable than shopping for coverage from one or more agents. Benefits include:

Time-Saving Comparisons

Going online to shop for coverage saves a lot of time versus contacting and scheduling appointments with multiple life insurance agents. Most agents will spend hours trying to convince you to purchase more coverage than you need. After you have been prodded into a policy you don’t really want, you may be browbeat into purchasing additional types of insurance coverage from the same provider for a ‘discount’. Chances are that you already have an idea of how much coverage you need; and with rates so affordable, there is no need for discounts that probably aren’t saving more than you could save by comparing rates with competitors.

Options and Affordability

Shopping online is a hassle-free process that lets you freely browse policy and premium options based on your own knowledge of your insurance needs. Traditionally, you would have been forced to meet with or speak with your insurance provider to get a quote for life insurance coverage. Most insurance agents work for specific companies and will only offer you policies from the companies they represent.

By shopping with an independent online website, you can get life insurance quotes from multiple leading providers all from the comfort of your home. You’ll be able to determine which insurance company will provide you with the most reliable coverage at the most affordable rates. Because shopping for life insurance online is much more competitive than shopping for it offline, you may find that rates are lower and guidelines more lenient for coverage. For example, the age cut-off to apply for offline life insurance coverage may be lower than that of online insurance. Furthermore, insurers may advertise a bigger variety of coverage options online to compete with other insurers.

No Exam Options

Shopping online for insurance gives you the option of applying for no-exam insurance. This coverage is for qualifying individuals who want to avoid the hassle of a medical exam when applying for coverage. If you were to apply for coverage with an insurance company in person, you may have to submit to blood testing, weighing, blood pressure monitoring, and other screenings meant to evaluate your health and insurability.

Instant Issue Insurance

Many people who apply for life insurance online qualify for instant issue life insurance coverage. This is a great option for busy individuals and families who do not want applying for life insurance coverage to be a long, drawn-out process. Applying for insurance in person could take weeks to get an approval. With instant issue insurance, qualifying applicants can secure nearly immediate coverage – usually in just minutes online. You never know when disaster could strike. Instant issue insurance means approved applicants don’t have to go another minute without coverage.

Shop Online for Affordable Life Insurance Quotes Today!

If you need life insurance coverage, but are turned off by the idea of required medical exams, pressured sales tactics, few options, and a long waiting period – online life insurance may be right for you. It takes only minutes to compare your source options and apply for coverage with a reputable insurance company today.

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