Got an LTC Plan?

There is no doubt in my mind that everyone involved with 3in4 is giving their time to serve the greater good.

3in4needmore’s mission is to increase national awareness of the need for each citizen to develop a long-term care plan and to raise awareness of the various private and public products and services available to them that should be considered in plan design.

When you take a closer look at 3in4’s board, you will see that the LTCi industry is represented by a diverse array of our industry’s most powerful people, not just LTCFP people.

From its home page, you can get 3in4 news via Facebook and LinkedIn. As an LTCi zealot and foot soldier on the front lines, I would eventually like to have more updates on 3in4 current events, but I get the impression that 3in4 leadership is working as fast and passionately as they can. These are very exciting times for 3in4. No one working on the campaign gets paid, and much time and effort is being invested in it. I think eventually better updates are coming, because 3in4 does understand that producer involvement is essential for its success.

Initially, 3in4needmore was funded by LTCi carriers.

According to Jonas Roeser, during its first year, the campaign garnered the equivalent of $2.8 million of media value in print, online, TV, and radio form. 3in4’s publicity in New York City included a flash mob in Times Square, TV coverage, and a presence on Prudential’s world famous billboard.

The campaign’s spokesperson, Dr. Marion Somers, is to me the embodiment of everyone’s grandmother.

She is credible, wise, knowledgeable, articulate, and a passionate 3in4 advocate. Last year, Dr. Marion made a 9-week cross-country promotional tour for 3in4 in her retro-fitted, 3in4-wrapped, attention-getting 1965 Greyhound bus. This year, she will embark on an even longer cross-country tour starting on April 30, 2012, and ending on July 28, 2012.

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