LifeSource Direct RX Drug Discount Card

Welcome to the LifeSource Direct Drug Discount Card

Prescription drug prices are expensive and continue to cost more money.  Now you can have access to a drug discount card that can save you money so you may never have to pay retail prescription drug prices again!

What is a free RX Drug Discount Card from LifeSource Direct?

A RX discount prescription drug card entitling your family substantial savings – up to 65% from pharmacy’s retail prices.

It’s easy to obtain your RX drug discount card. You can print your card today and begin immediately saving on your prescription drugs. One discount card may be used by your entire family. It’s similar to the discounts that you can get at so you know the quality of what you can get.

How can an RX Drug Discount Card Help Me?

Your RX discount drug card simply allows you a discount off the purchase price of prescription drugs.  You can save up to 65%, get discounts on brand & generic at over 56,000 pharmacies.  Everyone qualifies with instant activation

At over 56,000 participating pharmacies nationwide, you can get discounts at most major chains such as:  Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Publix, Walgreen’s, Target,  CVS, and more

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