LifeSource Direct Provides Supplemental Employee Benefits Programs and Guide

LifeSource Direct Provides Supplemental Employee Benefits Programs and Guide

Boise, Idaho Sept 22, 2010.  LifeSource Direct LLC ( announced today the launch of a supplemental employee benefits programs including a free drug RX discount card, lab and imaging discounts, short term medical and limited indemnity medical.   The program is targeted for companies looking to augment existing employee benefits program to help employees or contractors significantly reduce out of pocket medical expenses.

Currently, rising benefit costs and company benefit programs are shrinking.  Often, they are not enough to meet the basic needs of day to day employee high deductible medical expense.  Unfortunately, as a result of these trends, many employers sponsored benefit packages will result in a number of employees being under insured and even uninsured as employers continue to move to higher deductibles and a reduction in contributions.

The LifeSource Direct supplemental employee benefits program announced today is designed to address the high deductibles and out of pocket expenses.  In a recent case study on supplemental employee benefits, employees of a trucking company enrolled in the supplemental program saved over $207,000.00 in the first six months of 2010 in out of pocket medical expenses.

Murray Owen, a principle in LifeSource Direct stated that, “the combination of pulling together a variety of medical discount programs aimed at helping the average American reduce their detectible medical expense costs and augmenting their existing benefits program is what employees are asking for.  At a time when human resource departments are delivering less at more cost, this is a welcome service for both the employee and human resource departments.”

LifeSource Direct has become a new kind of benefits provider addressing specific issues in the McKinsey report on designing better employee benefits.  LifeSource Direct tackles this on a couple of fronts, life insurance and health benefits.  For health benefits, although LifeSource Direct is not a primary health benefits provider, LifeSource Direct deliveries supplemental health insurance benefits through discounts at no charge designed to augment existing company benefits plans.

This approach targets the rising cost of both underinsurance (deductibles, co pays, etc) and the uninsured.  By applying a best practices approach to suppliers, LifeSource Direct combines a unique combination of RX discount drug services including medical imaging and laboratory discount services.  As deductibles and co pays increase, the discount plan services provide access to significant savings through pre negotiated rates.  The drug RX discounts are available at over 50,000 pharmacies in the United States and through many chain operations including Walmart and the national pharmacy retailers.  This wide access delivers a high degree of practicality for the end user or employee.

About LifeSource Direct

LifeSource Direct ( was formed to create a dynamic, state of the art, direct sales life insurance and health benefits company backed by an experienced and professional staff.  Incorporating the latest cutting edge technology with one of the best consumer support staffs in the industry assures a simple and easy process for purchasing life insurance and health benefits.  LifeSource Direct works with top rated insurance carriers including Prudential, HSBC, SBLI, RBC, Banner Life, MetLife, Lincoln, NA, Transamerica, ING, and Genworth Financial.    LifeSource Direct now works with thousands of people every year to find them the right term life insurance at the right price.

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