Save Money On Life Insurance

If you’re healthy, you can save money on your life insurance

Every year, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an agency of the federal government, releases an updated study on life expectancies in the United States.  It may not surprise you to hear that thanks to improvements in medicine and public health, the CDC has been reporting steadily improving life expectancies over the last decade.1

The life insurance industry has seen similar data among its customers, and as a result, life insurance rates have decreased over time.

Even beyond that, carriers have introduced lower preferred and even lower “super preferred” rates in an effort to earn the business of the healthiest insurance applicants.

That means it’s time to pull out your life insurance policies, give us a call, and let us find out if we can get you a better rate.

Also, you should be aware that we are an independent insurance agency.  What that means for you is that we can shop among many carriers, not just one, to find you the best rate.  If you bought a life insurance policy from an agent who cannot do this, chances are you are overpaying.

Let’s suppose you’ve never purchased life insurance, or perhaps you figured the amount your employer gives you is enough.  The good news is that life insurance is now more affordable than ever, and individual insurance may be both cheaper and higher quality than your employer’s plan.

So give us a call.  We would love to help you save money on life insurance.


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