No Medical Examine Life Insurance

Did you know you can get life insurance with no medical exam?

Usually, when you obtain life insurance, you expect to undertake a medical exam.  But for some people, that medical exam is an obstacle that prevents them from seeking insurance.  Perhaps you have a health condition that you fear will disqualify you from obtaining life insurance, or perhaps you simply dislike needles.

We have good news for you.  There are now a wide variety of life insurance plans available that do not require medical exams.

Some plans are designed and priced like plans that require a medical exam.  On these plans, the carrier may still have stringent health requirements in an effort to only insure the best risks, but the carrier has replaced the medical exam requirement with some new technologies that were not available a few years ago.

Other plans are priced a bit higher but allow for insureds with a variety of medical conditions.  Since we are independent insurance agents, we offer a wide variety of carriers.  This means that if you have a particular medical condition, we can often shop among our carriers and find one that will issue you a competitively-priced plan without a medical exam that allows for your health condition.

Many carriers have also started writing life insurance on our older clients using relaxed underwriting requirements without a medical exam.  No medical exam means you are more likely to be accepted for insurance and the policy is placed into effect faster.

So if the medical exam has been keeping you from trying to obtain life insurance, give us a call.  We can help you to get the insurance you need.

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