Five Ways To Protect Your Children With No Exam Life Insurance

Term life insurance is recommended by Consumer Reports as being the simplest and typically least-expensive option for life insurance. Take a look at 5 ways term life insurance — even with no exam life insurance  — can create a financially secure future for your children in the event of your passing.

Think you have enough for your family?  In 2010 about 11 million households with minor children didn’t have life insurance. Even if you have some life insurance, 98% of Americans with a spouse, domestic partner, or dependent are under-insured — they don’t have enough life insurance coverage for compensation of their income:

  • Avg. coverage: $300,000
  • Avg. needed: $1,500,000
  • Avg. deficit: $1,200,000

The benefits of adequate life insurance are significant for any family. Take a look below at how adequate coverage can have a positive impacts on your children and their future.

5 Ways To Help Protect Your Childrens Future

INFOGRAPHIC: Five Way to Protect Your Childerns Future With No Exam Life Insurance – An infographic by the team at No Exam Life Insurance


Article Source: LifeSource Direct Insure Your Love Blog

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