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How to Get Term Life Insurance in Less Than a Day

Meet Jim. Jim is 45 years old, has 3 beautiful girls and a lovely wife named Jane. Like most people Jim and Jane avoided certain conversations – like what would happen if Jim died.

After confronting the issue Jim and Jane decided that they needed to get life insurance.

Jim set up a meeting with Jane’s cousin who was an insurance agent and the lengthy process began.

First they met to decide on the best type of insurance, then met again to fill out the 56 page application.

In the meantime Jim was playing telephone tag with a nurse to schedule his exam.

After finally getting the medical exam scheduled he spent 20 minutes answering all of the same questions he’d already answered on the 56 page application.

A week later Jim had to do phone interview with someone from the insurance company again answering the same questions; yes I’m Jim, yes my DOB is 5-6-1969, yes I’m 5’11 215LBS…

Two weeks later Jane’s cousin called and had more questions.

So this went on and on for over TWO MONTHS (74 days to be exact).

Finally Jane went to the mailbox and received Jim’s Life Insurance policy but it didn’t look like the policy they agreed on 2 months ago.

Jan’s cousin said it would cost $42 a month and the policy is asking for $67.

After finally getting a hold of her cousin it turns out that Jim’s premium was increased due to his weight and family history.

Wanting to avoid another 74 days of hassle Jim and Jane decided to take the policy as it was issued.

This is not unusual, actually this is the standard. Life insurance applications are averaging over 50 pages. Average time to underwrite a case is over 70 days. 85% of policies are issued more expensive than originally quoted.

Fortunately, there is a better way.

Technology and common sense have finally caught up the life insurance process.

When it came time for Jane to get some life insurance her and Jim did it the 1 click way.

Instead of calling her cousin, Jane went online, selected the amount and plan that was best for her and her family, answered about 12 health questions and electronically signed the application. She didn’t have to hassle with phone calls, medical exams, meetings, etc.

And, 74 seconds(not days) later, her policy was issued and approved.

All done in the comfort of home, after the kids were in bed.

This is the 1 click process, the most convenient way to purchase life insurance, it’s where commonsense and technology meet.

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Need to insure your love in less than a day?
  • You can get up to $350,000 of term life insurance in less than a day if you qualify.
  • LifeSource Direct offers a fast process to purchase life insurance. Instead of waiting weeks or months, your policy will be issued in minutes if you qualify.
  • No test, no physical exams, no waiting periods and no meetings with nurses or life insurance salesman.
  • 1clickcoverage offers a fast and convenient process to purchase life insurance.

*No medical exam insurance may involve a thorough online health assessment if you qualify.

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**For Parents, Use No Physical Exam Life Insurance as Student Loan Protection

Student loan protection is a no medical exam life insurance policy which can be issued the same day on an individual 18 or older, if they qualify after answering a series of health and avocation questions. There is no bloodwork, urinalysis, medical or physical exam required. Prices are very competitive for this age bracket and can be paid by the parent of the student , for coverage up to $350,000.

This is a real simple and easy way to insure that the student loan can be paid off in the event of the unthinkable. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is hard enough, having to pay off the a student loan on top of that is just something no one should have to deal with. These policies can also be issued on the lives of anyone over the age of 18 who wants to make sure there is coverage on them for whatever other debts or obligations they may have.

The LifeSource Direct Pledge

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We do it with the latest technology to research thousands of policies, and we do it with attention to detail and conscientious customer service that make the purchase process efficient, flexible and user-friendly.

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